About Us

Using civic engagement and community service as a platform for professional networking and leadership development
The Rotary Club of Indianapolis is an inclusive organization that brings together engaged professionals from all sectors of business and the nonprofit world to create service projects that result in meaningful networking and professional development opportunities.

Member Experience
We create high-quality professional connections founded on community service and volunteering. Our club is a thriving professional environment that invests in community, leadership and inclusivity.

Members from varying demographics and career paths unite and collaborate to execute successful initiatives and projects that serve the club as a whole, while enforcing individual professional growth. This engagement provides endless opportunities for professional development, networking, and enhanced leadership and public speaking skills.

Inclusive Environment
We encourage our members to connect across experience and cultural gaps. Sharing knowledge in an inclusive environment ads tremendous value to our growing leaders.

Learn from Professionals
Connect with your peers and shadow seasoned professionals who can help guide you to the level of leadership that will materialize your career goals.

Rising professionals can take advantage of the Rotary Under 40 Membership (link to more info) to enjoy a special rate and peer support.

We cultivate high quality networking opportunities while serving the community and facilitating knowledge.

International Connection
All Rotarians are connected to a larger, International network and are encouraged to visit chapters all over the country.

Better leaders, better Indianapolis
We create knowledgeable and engaged members of the community while cultivating self-confidence that contributes to community-building initiatives all over Indianapolis.

The Rotary Club of Indianapolis supports its community by creating volunteer opportunities that connect local professionals with their city’s most pressing needs. This civic-minded approach to business helps professionals link their skills to philanthropic endeavors that shape them into more well-rounded leaders and help make Indianapolis a stronger community.