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By on February 6, 2017

I have been sharing information about this most incredible Rotary scholarship opportunity – the Peace Fellowship program that offers either a two-year Master’s degree or a three-month certificate.  It really is an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’……just ask D.F. Pace, police lieutenant and attorney with the Philadelphia police department.  Lt. Pace uses the skills he learned in the intensive certificate program focused on conflict resolution to defuse tensions in Philadelphia neighborhoods cited for violence and confrontation between residents and police.  Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, member of the Philadelphia Rotary Club – 19th oldest in the world – wondered if the program was for academics and students only, and was excited to learn the curriculum was suitable for any one in any field focused on the need for conflict resolution.  The next step was to find the right candidate.  Lt. Pace has both street patrol experience as well as being trained as a lawyer familiar with legal aspects of proper policing.  To Commission Ramsey, Lt. Pace had the right combination of street smarts and experience, education and training and a commitment that policing must be an instrument of peace.

Indianapolis and its metro area is among the largest urban/suburban/rural regions of the country.  There are suitable candidates among us for a Rotary Peace Fellowship.  Who needs to know more about the three-month certificate in peace and conflict resolution? What community could benefit?  All expenses are covered……. airfare, accommodation, curriculum program.  And surely there is a professional or advanced student intent on a Master’s program in peace and conflict resolution for whom an equally expense paid two-year’s Master’s program is ideal……someone who would be quite upset if we did not at least tell them about this opportunity.  Please do not say you do not know of someone: I bet you do.

Please go to this link that has all the information one needs for the Peace Fellowships…both the Masters Scholarship and the three-month certificate.  Rotary has made this easier yet to apply AND provide information.

You can also contact Betty Tonsing directly at, or (574) 807-2382

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