July 18: Why Do Indy Do Day

By on July 14, 2017

Indy Do Day is the signature service project of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis.The event will activate 20,000 volunteers on September 28,29 and 30.Sure, for those three days, the entire city is full of energy and it’s all really inspiring… but aside from “doing what all the cool kids are doing,” why else should someone “do” Indy Do Day? What’s in it for them? Join us as we welcome three incredible guests on Tuesday at Rotary when they will share why they do Indy Do Day.

Margaret Sheehan is the Executive Director of Teachers’ Treasures. They host volunteers at their nonprofit for Indy Do Day and Trammell is an expert at leveraging the energy and volunteers from that day to benefit Teachers’ Treasures year round. Derrin Slack, founder and CEO of ProAct Indy, collaborates with schools to engage students in community service. Last year, he led every student from Short Ridge to participate in Indy Do Day. He’ll share how this helps the students and the community. And Margaret Trammell, Board President with AT&T Pioneers, will discuss how giving back to the community can make a positive impact on the bottom line in business. In addition to service all year, AT&T had almost 100 volunteers out on Indy Do Day for some exciting action at Gleaners Food Bank in 2017.

Join us on Tuesday at Ivy Tech Community College at Noon! We’ll see you there!

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